Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ubuntu13.10 download links

Ubuntu13.10 is released with all its flavours on 17th October

Download Ubuntu 13.10 Xubuntu13.10 Kubuntu13.10 from here:

Desktop(Torrent Download)
PC 32bit
PC 64 bit

Xubuntu(Torrent download)
PC 32 bit  xubuntu32bit
PC 64 bit  xubuntu13.10-64bit

Kubuntu(Torrent download)
PC 32 bit
PC 64 bit

Ubuntu Gnome (torrent download)
PC 32bit  ubuntu-gnome13.10-32bit
PC 64bit  ubuntu-gnome13.10-64bit

Please read our previous post for  -TOP THINGS TO DO AFTER INSTALLING UBUNTU 13.10
Below is the link

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