Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to install Unity8 in Ubuntu 13.10

Unity8 Ubuntu's much awaited next gen desktop shell which will replace current unity7 and work seamless on all type of devices from mobile phone to tablet to desktop pc or laptop etc.

Unity8 is not ready yet to install and run as a default desktop in Ubuntu 13.10 but you can install and test it as a app and you can change the size of unity8 as per screen size from mobile device screen to tablet to desktop..

To install unity 8 in ubuntu 13.10 copy and paste following in the terminal and hit the enter

sudo apt-get install unity8 unity8-fake-env unity8-private

After installation to run unity 8 on the desktop you have to open the terminal and copy and paste the following and press enter (For first time only)

export UBUNTU_ICON_THEME=ubuntu-mobile

Then finally run unity8 by typing the following in the terminal and hit enter:
(Now on only following command required each time when you want to run unity8 on your ubuntu 13.10 desktop)

unity8 -mousetouch  

It will run the unity8 on your desktop.

Below is the screenshot tour of unity8
Unity8 home screen:

Unity8 application screen:

Unity8 Music screen in full desktop screen size mode:

Unity8 Files & Folders:

Unity8 Social:

Some more screenshots:

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